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Adventure action games often incorporate many different elements, such as sci-fi, fantasy, and the near future. These factors not only make the gameplay of the game more impressive but also give players new experiences. A perfect example of the combination of these elements is Infamous 2 released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 platform. The game will play players as Cole MacGrath, a young man with superpowers electric element. Players will control Cole through a variety of different missions, thereby unlocking new things and experiencing the story of the game.

Infamous 2 is an open-world action-adventure game set in a developed city. Players will control Cole through a third perspective, from which to fight with enemies equipped with Amp weapons or explore around the city. The game has a vast and varied mission system for players to enjoy; Quests will not only give players more experience points but will also unlock new features of the game. The game has a well-developed story, and the characters in the game all have a story, Cole will also be able to interact with those characters to progress the plot.

Cole could use electrical elements as offense or defense in combat. Players can use many of Cole’s skills through flexible combat mechanisms or combine attacks to disable enemies. Cole’s abilities mostly use electrical elements, and they range up from bolts to rockets with varying levels of damage. Furthermore, Cole can use his ability to move around the city quickly. Because of this, the vehicle element is not mentioned, but Cole can run up the building in the Vertical direction, fly, and cling to any ground. Cole’s ability not only shortens the travel time of the player, but it also allows the player to interact with the environment.

Cole’s skills are developed through the skill points system, from which players can unlock new combos or new skills during combat. All skills learned by players will consume a type of energy in Cole’s body during combat, and players can recharge at some locations. The gameplay of the game will unlock more exciting things for players to entertain based on the progress of the player. Of course, Cole will get stronger over time as players can upgrade Cole with many special features.

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