Yoshi’s Story

Yoshi’s Story
Console Nintendo 64
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Genre Platform
Region Japan
Downloads 356
Released December 21, 1997
5/5 (1 vote)

In the Super Mario franchise, there are many different characters, and each character has a story encapsulated in a series of their own. Among them are the dinosaur Yoshi, a friendly friend of Mario and the others. And the Yoshi’s Story game was developed for people to learn more about Yoshi himself. The game was released exclusively for Nintendo 64 and follow up the Yoshi’s Island series of SNES. Players will control Yoshi to overcome countless challenges and discover secrets and many interesting things in Yoshi’s life. The game also introduces improved graphics, promising to bring players a new experience.

Yoshi’s Story has gameplay similar to Yoshi’s Island, which is side-scrolling platform gameplay with a vast world for players to explore. Players will control Yoshi to overcome challenges, puzzles, enemies, and terrain. The variety of challenges and environments is one of the new things in this game, and players will go everywhere to collect all the items with Yoshi. However, the game was developed differently from Yoshi’s Island, which is that it has the style of a picture book. Its graphic is colorful, mesmerizing, and beautiful, instead of being called a world, it’s called a book. Yoshi’s storyline will be described through book pages, and each page contains four courses for players to enjoy.

The Yoshi in this game is still in a baby state, which means that his skills and appearance have not yet been developed as Yoshi’s Island. However, he has more exciting skills to entertain the player; of course, he still has the essential skill of using enemies like bullets after swallowing. The variety of enemies will make his skills more interesting, and even the effect will be changed every time the player attacks. Besides, Yoshi also can adapt to any corresponding environment when swallowing an enemy of the same element. Like Yoshi can withstand fire if swallowing fire-type enemies, and can swim if swallowing enemies in the sea. That variety will make the game more exciting and entertaining while giving players a new Yoshi experience.

The game was released after the Yoshi’s Island series, but it was equally attractive, even pleasing to the player. This game is also rated as one of the best games on the N64 system.

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