The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
Console Nintendo 64
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Released April 27, 2000
4.2/5 (5 votes)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is an adventure action game of the The Legend of Zelda series and was released by Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo 64. It is the sixth game in the series, and it also is the second game to use 3D graphics with an open-world environment. This game has an entirely different storyline from its predecessor and did not happen in Hyrule. Players will still control Link through a vast open-world with many new things, and it’s a world about to reach its end, Termina. The game has gameplay similar to its predecessor and will add some new features to give players the best experience with 3D RPG.

The gameplay of Majora’s Mask is developed in the style of action-adventure, and the player will have to control Link to overcome challenges, terrain, and puzzles. However, in a new world, players will face many strange enemies, as well as a dark world without light. Players will control Link through a third-person perspective with a flexible control mechanism, and the game will also have a target lock feature, helping players to have greater accuracy during combat. Also, Link can use new weapons and can be obtained along the way, the equipment and items that players find can help Link’s combat performance is improved.

Majora’s Mask will introduce a new battle concept that players can use anytime, anywhere. Those are the magic masks that can make Link transform during combat. The variety of masks will cause the shape and effects of the transformation to change. Each mask will turn Link into an animal, along with a separate skill set for the player to use. Players can search for other masks in the storyline, as well as some secret locations. The game will retain the experience points system, and Link will become stronger over time or kill many monsters along the way. The EXP system will unlock many new Link skills, as well as upgrade the ability of each mask.

The game will also introduce a completely new feature, the three-day-cycle that uses the time within the game. If the player does not return to Link’s world before the countdown time is over, Termina will be destroyed, and the game will be over. Players will also discover new things inside this game, and that makes the gameplay of Majora’s Mask becomes more diverse and richer than ever.

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