Console Microsoft Xbox 360
Publisher 2K Games
Developer 2K Australia , 2K Boston
Genre Shooter
Downloads 103
Released August 21, 2007
5/5 (1 vote)

The first-person shooter game, also known as FPS, is always the first choice for players to experience. There are many famous names of this genre so that players can choose to play. Among them are legendary titles such as Call Of Duty or Battlefield,both are very famous names of this genre. But there is a common point of these games to bring players to the fierce battlefield for players to fight. Not only are these two names, but there are many other titles of this genre that have one thing in common for players to experience. Therefore, many players are bored and want to find something new to experience. And the game that will bring that unique experience to that player is Bioshock – an FPS game with horror and humanity. This game will give players a very different story with a context and many new things for players to experience. Players will be embarked on an exciting adventure to be able to experience.

In other shooting games, players will fight to be able to complete the assigned task. Although in the process, the player’s life is also significant, it is not the top concern, but the mission is the most important thing. But in this game, the player must survive to have the opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the game. So the essential requirement that the game poses to that player is doing everything to be able to survive in this world. Surviving has never been easy, no matter where and when players will have to fight a lot of dangers to survive. They can attack and take down players easily, so be careful.

The most crucial thing in this game is the diverse arsenal that it can bring to the players for you to fight. In a dead city with countless dangers and Splicer, the player will have a fairly adequate arsenal to fight. Things that players can use when fighting such as shotguns, pistols, rifles, crossbows, melee weapons, and many other things.

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