Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City
Console Microsoft Xbox 360
Publisher WB Games
Developer Rocksteady Studios Ltd
Genre Action , Sandbox , Stealth
Downloads 153
Released October 18, 2011
5/5 (1 vote)

Superheroes are people who often appear in movies with special powers to save the world. On the market today, there are many stories about superheroes produced to attract readers. There are two famous comic publishers and publishers, DC Comics and Marvel, with lots of famous superheroes. But superheroes do not need to be people with special powers to be able to fight but can be an ordinary person. These people always appear in the film to fight and protect the city. Although there is no power located in the universe as they are still the heroes who sacrificed themselves to save the city. Batman proves most clearly to show that a superhero does not need extraordinary power. Although only a human being, by his intelligence, he has become a member of the Justice League. Not only famous on the screen but also renowned in the gaming world with many famous games for players to experience. Among them is a name that you can not ignore, it is Batman: Arkham City. This game is one of the names that have achieved the greatest success of the entire series for players to experience.

The game has two task lines that are the main task and side quests for players to perform. They all have different functions for players to experience. In it, the main task can explore the plot, and the side mission can discover the mystery. In the course of their mission, the player will have to fight a lot of villains to be able to win. Players need to defeat them and quickly do what the game requires to end the game. Players will face against people like Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, and many others.

Batman is an ordinary person, so to fight crime, he needs some special equipment to support. During the battle, the player can use a lot of high-tech weapons to attack the enemy. For example, players can use batarangs to take down enemies from afar. Or if the enemy is too large, you can use mini bombs to attack them.

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